Wraparound Services

Baker Victory Services is one of the largest providers of Erie County's Wraparound services. The mission of Wraparound is to prevent out-of-home placements by creating a network of support to "wrap around" a child and family, and, thus, transition them to independence. These are the program's core values:

  • Families can best identify their own strengths and needs
  • It takes a team to properly support a child and the team can/should include members of the immediate family
  • Families, not agencies, are responsible for their children
  • Child and family teams allow everyone to work together for the best results
  • Children and families have the best chance of succeeding if they work in their own homes and communities
  • Each child is unique and each team should be responsive to the family's needs

Wraparound staff members meet with children and families and provide services including mentoring, skill-building, respite, tutoring, parent support, in-home counseling, and vocational supports to help develop the skills they need to stay together.