A Message from Rev. msgr. david g. lipuma

At Baker Victory Services (BVS), we strive to continue the legacy of our saintly founder – Venerable Nelson Baker - by providing programs and services to children, youth, and families facing emotional and behavioral challenges.

To that end, BVS has adopted agency values that seek to bring peace to lives often filled with conflict and healing to those facing difficult challenges.  BVS also works to provide the highest level of care through Teamwork, Adaptability, Accountability, Respect, and Integrity.

Father Baker was the driving force behind the construction of the beautiful and majestic Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and Basilica, which is located in Lackawanna, New York.  Opened in 1925, and dedicated in 1926, the Basilica stands as a glorious tribute to Father Baker’s patroness, Our Lady of Victory. To this day, the magnificent Basilica attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors from across the world.

As a leading human service organization in the Western New York region, BVS carries on Father Baker’s healing ministry and prepares, supports, and empowers individuals we care for to achieve their life goals.

May God bless you and Our Lady of Victory watch over you.

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Rev. Msgr. David G. LiPuma

President, Our Lady of Victory Institutions