Youth Residential Services


The evolution of Father Baker's extensive social-service programs, Baker Victory Services (BVS), continues to care for individuals and families as it did many years ago. Acknowledged as a leader in the field of behavioral health care for children and adults, BVS offers a wide range of programs providing specialized therapy and care for those facing challenges. Residential programs include:

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) 

Provided through the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), Residential Treatment Facilities offer specialized, around-the-clock care for males and females (ages 12 to 21) whose needs are such that they must be placed outside the home. These residents are treated by a multi-disciplinary team for problems due to interpersonal, emotional, psychiatric, social, family or educational issues. The program provides discharge planning and transition services to facilitate residents' smooth transition back into the community.


Multiple Diagnosis Program

The Multiple Diagnosis Program (MDP) is designed to meet the needs of eight boys between the ages of 12 and 18, with deficits in cognitive and/or adaptive functioning, along with severe emotional, behavioral, social, developmental, and/or family problems, requiring them to be placed outside of their homes. It is licensed through the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and provides a highly structured, closely‑supervised, therapeutic environment. The care and treatment of youths in the MDP is behaviorally focused and individualized to address their unique needs and particular developmental concerns.

Girls & Mother/Child Group Home Program

BVS operates a Group Home Program for young girls and expectant mothers (ages 12-18) and their children. Residents develop a treatment plan with the group home director and are expected to be actively involved in the healing process including participation in parenting groups and mother-child developmental play sessions. Integration or reintegration into the community is a major focus of the program.