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 WAY Vocational Services

About WAY Vocational Services

The WAY Program at Baker Victory Services (BVS) is an approved vendor for OPWDD and ACCES-VR services for individuals with disabilities ranging from developmental/intellectual disabilities, mental health, substance abuse and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The program utilizes a person-centered approach to its mission of building the proficiency necessary for community employment through assessment and skills development. 
Services are designed to assist individuals in exploring and realizing their highest potential and to support them in meeting their educational and vocational goals.  

Members of the WAY team conduct an intensive discovery phase with each individual participant. This process includes conversations with the individual, his or her family, and case managers (if applicable). Staff members incorporate a variety of vocational interest inventories including career occupation preference assessments, learning style evaluations, as well as observation through situational assessments.  

This comprehensive program prioritizes a person-centered planning process to develop, implement and maintain each program participant's plan for employment. Staff members work from the point of intake and through assessment, discovery, job development, intensive support and follow-along to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Why Choose WAY Vocational Services?

The WAY Program takes a person-centered approach to each one of its Vocational Services matching the individual's needs and interests with variety of services through a diverse network of community employers. 
Pathway to Employment
Funded through OPWDD, Pathway to Employment is a yearlong or 278 hour program wraparound service that allows an individual to thoroughly explore different vocational options. Through an intensive Discovery Process, participants find out vocational likes and dislikes with a goal of creating a Career Plan.


Employment Training Program

Funded through OPWDD, the Employment Training Program (ETP) allows an individual to become an intern at a place of employment until fully trained.  Upon completion of training and full knowledge of the job, the employer hires the participant or the internship will be completed.    

Supported Employment  

Funded through OPWDD or ACCES-VR, Supported Employment staff work with the individual to secure and maintain competitive employment within the community.  A vocational specialist assists the individual with training, vocational advocacy, career growth and changes and follow-along supports.  

Situational Assessment

Funded through ACCES-VR and within the Employment Training Program (ETP), Situational Assessments are conducted to identify the individual's vocational skills and support needs.  The vocational assessment report is used to plan vocational services specific to needs, goals and interests.