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WAY to L.I.F.E .

About WAY to L.I.F.E .

WAY to L.I.F.E. at Baker Victory Services (BVS) is a comprehensive service designed to enable youth (ages 14-21) to become independent and contributing members of their community through a combination of         evidenced-based and cost-effective programming.

The program seeks youth that have exhibited a desire to begin, or to continue making, positive changes in their lives. Participants are referred from/by: schools, 
Erie County Department of Social Services, Foster Care, Erie County Department of Probation, Juvenile Delinquency Service Team (JDST), or School Counselor These youth have also been deemed at risk of dropping out of school or becoming homeless.

At the core of the program is a qualified and caring staff member who works 
one-on-one with youths to help them work toward goals established when first entering the program. The program focuses on four key areas: educational enhancement, vocational development, completion of community-service hours and acquisition of independent-living skills.

Additionally, a wide variety of group activities and projects are available to youth to help expand their social experiences, increase independent living skills, learn about educational options, build their resume, enhance work-related skills and explore career fields.

Why Choose WAY to L.I.F.E?

WAY to L.I.F.E. has developed a diverse network of partners enabling participants to experience a variety of educational and work environments.  These include:
  • Community gardening 
  • Serving at a soup kitchen 
  • Construction-based work 
  • Assisting with programs for young children
  • Sports activities
  • Field trips to museums and seasonal festivals
  • Visits to college campuses
  • Workshops on various topics such as family planning, domestic violence and budgeting




WAY to L.I.F.E also refers and partners with a number of agencies to ensure that participants have a wide range of experience working in the community.  Current partners include: Compass House, Restoration Society, Plymouth Crossroads, PeacePrints Prison Ministries, Community Action Organization (CAO) and St. Luke's Mission of Mercy. 
WAY to L.I.F.E. focuses on youth and young adults who are:
  • In the custody of Erie County Department of Social Services
  • In foster care with a goal of APPLA-LI
  • Those currently or previously on probation or involved in the juvenile justice system