The WAY Program

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WAY Transitional Services 

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 The WAY Program

About the WAY Program

Baker Victory Services operates the Work Appreciation for Youth (WAY) Program to help youth and young adults realize the value of education and work while developing individual strengths to achieve both academic and personal success. Through a comprehensive set of programs, WAY provides individualized plans that include career exploration, skills assessment, job readiness and job placement, independent living skills training, and academic enrichment. WAY operates several worksites and partners with community businesses throughout the region to help participants build the skills they need to get a job and keep it. 

Why WAY? 

Baker Victory Services staff members specialize in working with individuals of all ages with trauma histories, behavioral concerns, mental-health diagnoses, and developmental disabilities. WAY has proven experience in providing person-centered services to assist participants in developing the skills that are critical to a successful transition to adult life. 

Which WAY is right for me?

On the following pages, you will find information about three different WAY Program areas — Transition Services, WAY to LIFE, and Vocational Services — that can be experienced independently or in conjunction with each other, depending on the needs of the participant. 
To learn more about each program and decide which may be the best fit please visit each page. Whatever WAY is chosen,  all lead to SUCCESS!