Specialized Services

Baker Victory Dental Center was established in 1997 with the expressed mission in serving the dental needs of individuals with physical, developmental and behavioral challenges. It is estimated that one out of two persons with a significant disability cannot access necessary and appropriate dental care.

The BVS Dental Center provides these resources to this chronically underserved population. The clinical staff has many years of experience treating special needs populations in an accepting and inclusive environment. Dental director Dr. Paula Sepanik is a member of the Task force for Special Care Dentistry to protect and advocate for the dental needs of special care populations.

Prevention of oral disease and infection is the key to the oral care of persons with disabilities. Baker Victory Dental Center recognizes this and consistently provides the best possible care for its patients. Baker Victory recognizes that patients with special needs require extra support to receive treatment and that treatment may be made more complex by their special needs.

Baker Victory Dental Center is able to provide complete care for all special needs patients including:

Prosthetic Care

  • Crowns
  • Partials
  • Dentures

Restorative Care

  • Fillings

Oral Surgery

  • Extraction

Preventative Care

  • Cleaning
  • Scaling

Sedation Services Available