Residential Services

Baker Victory Services has a continuum of living opportunities designed for individuals of all
ages who have mild to profound developmental delays, multiple physical disabilities, specialized medical needs, dual diagnosis and dementia. For all of our residents, an individualized plan of services is developed, which may include: Intensive Medical Services, Nursing Supports, Therapy Services, Apartment Living, Person-Centered Planning and Supports, Behavioral Supports, Wellness and Nutrition Training, and Dementia/Memory Care.

Baker Victory Services operates numerous residences located throughout Western New York. The staff prides themselves in supporting individuals in a safe environment with many
opportunities for growth and independence. Selection of a home is a very important process and Baker Victory Staff is always available to discuss options. Types of residences that Baker Victory Services provide are:

Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs)

Supervised IRAs provide 24-hour staff oversight and supervision. An emphasis is placed on developing independent living skills and community inclusion. Clinical supports (e.g. nursing, psychology, and nutrition) are provided in the residence or at a clinic, based on the person's individual service plan (ISP). Baker Victory Service is known as an expert in providing supports to the very medically frail and several residences focus on intensive medical services.

Memory House

Responding to the growing needs of individuals with developmental disabilities experiencing age-related memory issues, Baker Victory Services opened its first "Memory House" in 2014.

The primary focus of the home is to maintain individual safety and independence within a home environment providing optimum quality of life as people experience increased health concerns. The home is staffed 24 hours a day by BVS Care Professionals specifically trained to work with individuals with memory issues.

Non-certified Residences

Baker Victory Service supports a number of individuals in independent living environments such as apartments and small homes. Staffing is available to meet the needs of the individuals as they navigate life in the community.