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What is Care Management?

At Baker Victory Services, we understand caring for your child can be a complicated and often exhausting experience. In response to the needs of the families we serve, we are proud to have joined together with the Children's Health Home of Upstate New York (CHHUNY), Encompass and Greater Rochester Health Home Network (GRHHN) to provide Care Management Services that put your family first.  
Key Point of Contact
We understand families spend countless hours being transferred from department to department trying to get critical answers and information regarding your child's services. When you enroll in a Health Home, your Care Manager becomes your key point of contact in managing the services for your child.
Service Coordination
Critical to a healthy child is ensuring each service provider works together and always in the best interest of the child. A family's Care Manager will have access to information on each service their child is receiving, enabling them to stay in constant communication and eliminating redundancy of service. The vast network also provides linkages to related services such as Adult Health Homes and many more.  
Advantages of Baker Victory Care Management Program
Baker Victory Care Managers are trained professionals who make sure children have the services they need such as appointments, medications, a safe place to live and transportation to their appointments.  A Care Manager works to setup a care plan, which lists all the childs specific needs and goals for achievement, and helps to determine what providers and services are required to reach these goals.