Foster Care


 Baker Victory Services (BVS) is a non-profit organization that offers foster care, adoption, and respite foster care services throughout Buffalo and Erie County.  Foster care is the temporary care of children by certified foster parent(s) until the child can be reunified with their birth parent, a relative, is adopted, or is old enough to transition to an independent living arrangement.  In New York State, there were 20,543 children in foster care placement on December 31, 2012 (New York State Office of Children & Family Services).  Most of these children were removed from their home due to issues of abuse or neglect.   

The primary goal of foster care is reunification of the family.  In instances when reunification is not possible, foster families may provide adoptive homes for the children in their care, or assist in transitioning children into an appropriate adoptive placement. 

For more information regarding foster care through Baker Victory Services please contact our Homefinder at (716)828-9411.


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