Day Treatment

Day Treatment is a unique combination of a school and a treatment program, with all the aspects critical for a successful experience. We are a fully certified New York State special education program, which means that your child will receive the same curriculum based on New York State Standards.

Additionally, we are an Office of Mental Health Certified Day Treatment, which means that each student is involved in individual counseling and family counseling with psychiatric services provided as neded. We also have Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy available, as needed, as per a student's IEP.

We provide the full array of special areas including art, music, technology, gym, home and careers, and health. We have a full time nurse in the building to take care of medical concerns and a guidance counselor to aid in curriculum and vocational planning.

What are classrooms like?

Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 8 students. We have a total of 9 classrooms (kindergarten through 12thgrade). There is a minimum of one teacher and one aide in each room. We educate all grade levels, but your child will not be in classes with children significantly older or younger. A classroom may have children within a three year age or grade span, based on the academic levels of each student.

Who pays the tuition for Day Treatment?

Funding is received through Medicaid reimbursements and other insurance sources. In addition, funding comes from Baker Victory Services and NY State Education. Families are not responsible for any of the tuition.

What does a typical day look like?

The official day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:20 p.m. Typically, buses drop students off before 8:30 for breakfast. Each class period is broken into 40-minute segments, with students working on given subjects according to New York State Curriculum requirements.

How will my child get to Day Treatment?

Your school district is responsible for transporting your child.

Does my child have to graduate from Day Treatment?

No. Students enter the program with a goal to return to a less-restrictive setting as soon as possible, with the focus on teaching your child new skills for dealing with situations that prevented him or her from remaining in a public school. Some students will graduate from this program, however, their diplomas will not state this, as all diplomas are issued by the home school district.

How can I enroll my child?

Your child must be referred by the school district's Committee on Special Education (CSE). Generally, the CSE will have spoken to you about a variety of school options. If it looks like Day Treatment may be the best option, the CSE will send information to Day Treatment and someone will contact you if there is an opening. If an opening is available, you and your child will meet with Day Treatment Staff to assess your child's needs.

What is expected of me and my child when enrolled at Day Treatment?

Because Day Treatment is an OMH- certified program, we require that both you and your child participate in counseling. You will work with a therapist to develop treatment goals. Your child will have weekly counseling during the school day. You are expected to attend family sessions twice a month with the therapist. This is an integral part of the process.