Our Values

Baker Victory Services considers the following values to be the crucial guiding principles to fulfill our Mission and achieve our Vision.


is the development of a common goal by...
  1. Demonstrating trust and support of co-workers.
  2. Creating a work environment where all opinions are respected, encouraged and valued.
  3. Being willing to follow or lead depending on the needs of the team to create a collaborative partnership.


for coworkers, and the youth, adults and families we serve is demonstrated by...
  1. Maintaining professional boundaries and confidentiality by listening objectively.
  2. Reacting to diverse opinions with empathy, compassion and genuine interest.
  3. Valuing skills, experiences and knowledge that differ from your own.


is doing the right thing, both ethically and professionally by...
  1. Being truthful, honest and consistent in all aspects of the job.
  2. Identifying and reporting situations that may present a conflict of interest.
  3. Holding yourself and others accountable for personal interactions and job responsibilities.


is being responsible for...
  1. Following through on commitments to others with attention to detail.
  2. All professional interactions and job responsibilities.
  3. Asking questions and seeking the support of others to continue professional growth and development.


is remaining committed to personal development by...
  1. Showing a willingness to be creative, flexible and innovative while accomplishing goals and responsibilities.
  2. Seeking to understand the needs, abilities and interests of each coworker and individual we serve.
  3. Believing we will be successful by remaining positive and optimistic through growth and change.